privacy POLICY


Dear user: 
Welcome to this website! To protect your personal information when you access the BN WORKS website and our online shop website ( Please read the contents of our privacy policy carefully. It will help you understand the principles and guidelines of how we collect, receive, and protect your personal information when you access the services provided by BN WORKS websites.

This privacy policy is applicable to collecting, receiving, and protecting your personal information while accessing services provided by BN WORKS websites. However, it does not apply to websites which you link to through search results or links on BN WORKS websites. The protection of your personal information while browsing those web pages depends on the individual privacy policies of the websites involved, and is not the responsibility of BN WORKS websites.


We collect the personal information of users through the following functions: 

  • BN WORKS online shopping activities:
    When you take part in a website activity at our website, the website may request you to provide information such as name, phone number, email or mailing address. It is also possible that you may take part in contests, raffles, or promotional activities at other websites, after accessing them through links on BN WORKS websites. In those situations, the privacy policy of BN WORKS websites does not apply to those websites and we are not responsible for any personal information you provide to those websites.
  • Browsing the websites:
    BN WORKS maintains a record of the log created by the servers when users browse the websites or conduct searches. Information on this log includes user IP, browsing profile, and content tracking. We will track individual user information to acquire data on overall user activity within BN WORKS websites. 
  • Others:
    BN WORKS websites will retain records of all communications from users who contact us through email or other communication channels.


To provide personalized services, BN WORKS websites employ cookies to store settings and/or for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are short pieces of information that the website transfers to the user’s hard drive. Users may determine the degree of cookie acceptance by modifying their browser settings. Users can decide whether to accept, be notified, or refuse cookies. If you select to refuse cookies, there is a chance that you may not be able to access certain features of the website or to participate in certain activities. In general, the following is a list of situations where we attach or read cookies from the user’s browser: 

  • To provide better and more personalized services: 
    Cookies allow for personalized interaction between the website and the user, by facilitating the process of logging in and out of the website, as well as making customary adjustments 
  • To collect demographic and profile data for analysis: 
    The data collected will be used for measuring website access for the purpose of improving the services we provide 
  • To keep track of the number of access and participation in promotional activities: 
    In the process of distributing newsletters or organizing promotional activities, there are cases when cookies will be placed to keep track of the degree of user participation and other relevant data


In the event of disclosure of personal information in compliance with the judicial process, legal requirements, and law enforcement agencies as permitted under provisions of applicable law in matters of public safety or in connection with an investigation.


BN WORKS websites have strived to keep user’s information safe. However, Users should know and bear the risk of data transfer via the Internet. Users should also be aware that the personal information they disclosed in public cyberspace can also be collected and used by others. To avoid such risks, users are advised not to reveal their personal information if not necessary. When users disclose their personal information in cyberspace that is accessible to others, there is a chance that they will receive unwelcome advertisements or spam from other parties. Please realize that the consequences are not within the control of, nor the responsibility of, BN WORKS websites.


BN WORKS websites will amend and update these policies from time to time to adhere to the latest privacy protection measures. Announcements will be posted on the websites to notify users of major changes.